Benirras is an idyllic deep-blue bay with a rock shaped like a giant fist 30 minutes off the shore.
This beautiful, unspoilt beach lined with tall pines, 27km north of Ibiza town on the northwest coast of Ibiza is a brilliant place to watch the sunset. The surrounding area is protected from development.

Legendary in Ibizan hippy folklore as the place to party in the 60's, hippies and percussionists like to bongo-drum out the day in tribal style as the sun descends into the bay behind a monolithic rock island in the entrance to the bay, which is commonly referred to as God's Finger.

This used to be the in place for full moon parties. The Day of the Drums takes place around August 28th, at the full moon, when crowds of sarong-clad bongo players play tribal rhythms through the night from sunset to sunrise.

Many say that Goa's trance parties grew out of Ibiza's full-moon celebrations, and acted as a catalyst for the West-Coast hippy movement.

     CHIRINGUITO.  Open noon till late.
This rustic bar at the far end of the beach is the best place to witness the Benirras phenomenon.  
 By day, it's a family beach, with safe swimming in the shallows; by late afternoon, hippies and drummers descend for the sunset.

The beat of the bongos, dancers swaying against the sun and surroundings - this is as intense a Balearic experience as it gets.