If you are visiting the wonderful white isle or planning a Ibiza trip or just thinking about the vibe get in touch .


Welcome to the Ibiza Travel Shop -"The Zone" Ibiza's NO 1 "HUB" placed in the centre of Ibiza.

It has just been reported that for the first time ever more people now come to Ibiza by independent means than with traditional tour operators. This is a watershed moment as it tells us all exactly what people want - the choice of regular flights at decent times, quality accommodation to suit all tastes & budgets and plenty of fun things to do Ibiza TravelShop was the pioneer of free spirited travel to Ibiza offering the best flights, a wide range of accommodation and private drivers whilst everyone else scratched their heads. They were able to do this because they bought blocks of seats and hotel rooms and split them up offering their customers a choice - something that nobody else did at the time. With the advent of low cost carriers into the island all year round the need for flights has dwindled but the need for special services has soared because most people still want the best choice and the best prices for Villas, Hotels, Private Driving, VIP Club Entry, Corporate Travel, Group Bookings, Sports Holidays and much, much more.

Ibiza has something for everyone - from honeymooners to clubbers to small sports teams to large corporate groups and in 2008 Ibiza TravelShop entertained them all. The secret is to always deliver exactly what the customer needs and the customer sometimes needs the lot and Ibiza TravelShop's staff has always worked with dedication and professionalism while others talk a great game and fall by the wayside.


The world is not ending as most TV channels would have us believe and travel in 2009 is going to be as big as ever because most ordinary people still have a job and still need to go on holiday, need to unwind, need to party and need to relax, more so than ever before just to beat off the blues back home and the constant TV doom mongering…..and let's face it when it comes to relaxing in the sun and partying until dawn then there is no better place than Ibiza.

Check out The Zone/ The Ibiza Travel Shop a Multipurpose Travel Supermarket providing service and products for your stay in Ibiza working or on holiday. They deal with anything and everything from accommodation - at Ibiza Property Shop -http://www.ibizapropertyshop.com to flights, clubs tickets,Clubbing advice, Calendar and itineraries, money exchange, party planning & services, speed boats, internet, Job service, excursions, events, recruitment advice and many other services at http://www.ibizatravelshop.com.

As a worker, holiday maker or travelling here - if there is any service, product or info you would like to see out here please tell them and they will sort it.

If you haven't already sent your CV to use please send a picture and CV to info@whiteislepromotions.com or thezone@travelshopgroup.com

Don't worry every single one will get a response  or if no response come into The Zone @ The Ibiza Travel Shop when you get to Ibiza where they are ready to help! They will advise and point you in the right direction - plus any other requests you may have out here you are there to help they  are situated next to the Westend - Next to rehab and opposite Coyotes Bar and Opium Calle Del Mar 11, San Antonio 0782

Also if you are a good seller and want to earn good money this season please! Please quote "Im a top seller" and tell them of your sales experience.

Also for anyone coming back to work or planning on working out here this summer (Maybe your first time) this will be your local advice, info and help centre
We will update and send you job advertisements and info on them, help you with Job hunting, finding accommodation, Interviews, give advice, tell you where interviews are, workers passes, club entrance and generally welcome you to the Ibiza Experience of Summer 2009

So join in the fun and see you soon
Roll on Ibiza 2009