First of all Stop worrying - Generally 90% of the time you won't get accommodation till you get to Ibiza, So it would be advisable to book in to a hotel/ hostel for a few weeks while you find the right accommodation. You need to see for yourself where you are living and also find the right people to live with - Booking a week or two holiday can be a good way to get yourself settled and gives you some breathing time to find some more permanent accommodation. Yes it can be hard work finding accommodation if you are lazy and don't bother looking, but make it your main and first priority when you get here!!! On the reverse side you may lose some money if you find accommodation quickly! But better to be safe than sorry.

There are plenty of accommodation outlets  but please feel free to visit this shop -The Ibiza Property Shop Next to Club Sandwich and near the stadium and Bus depo... they are the NO 1 Worker outlets for accommodation with highly trained staff to accommodate your needs and desires .

• WARNING - Finding the wrong people to live with can ruin your summer
• REMEMBER - You will need a Bond and at least 1 months' rent up front and you can pay between 200 and 450 a month for rent - You will more than likely be sharing with other people in rooms unless you can pay extra for you own.

When to come to the isle?

Two scenarios going early 1st weeks in May you get to meet everyone but the resort is quiet and jobs are little at this time! The job start coming from the 3 4 weeks into May and really kick in June when the Clubs and Promoters start! If you are coming early make sure you have a reasonable amount of money saved up /£ 1500 - 2000! Start enquiring now but realistically you won't get your accommodation till you are here.

• WARNING - Dont Spend your money all at once or you may find yourself skint too soon without a job
• REMEMBER your are there all season so don't go exhaust yourself out too soon like many workers have in the past.

Sole Survivor or coming on the mass and meeting new people?

On your own with 1 other person in a group its really doesn't matter Ibiza is welcoming and one big family, you come on your own you will meet people straight away - go to Viva Ibiza Official number 1 workers Bar, pop into "The Zone" and meet new workers and chat to our staff who can put you in touch with other people coming on there own and also get chatting on forums to meet people when your here, Also open days and interview days can also be a good way to meet people as well as find that all important jobs to meet like minded people.
Also coming with friends or groups you will find out more about each other and still meet lots of new people by end of summer your Facebook will have tripled and the reunions will start.

WARNING: Working together isn't always the best option if you come with friends especially if you are living together you need time apart - plus you get to meet new people.

REMEMBER: you are here to enjoy your self have a open mind and meet new people.

Jobs centre and finding work?

Drop into The Zone at The Ibiza Travel where you can come and discuss what jobs you are looking for, check the notice board for jobs and our staff will do their best to point or recommend you in the right direction

How to find Jobs?

Notice Boards - Job fairs - Interview days - FACEBOOK

REMEMBER: Jobs won't just come to you - You have to graft and look for them and be prepared to do a free trail and potentially try a lot of jobs - get a good fun CV read with a picture etc
WARNING: Jobs will be long hours and sometime you may have to work 7 days a week - Hey you are in Ibiza - Its hot fun and not the UK

Jobs in Ibiza?

PRs - Ticket & Boat Party Sellers - Bar work - Parade Work - Dancing - Waiter/ Waitressing - Laughing gas sellers ....


These days a lot of job are commission only - you do get set pays which can vary from 30 to 50 a night but be prepared for coms and working hard for them! - But what you put in is what you get out

*******WORK JOBS****** Get a head start for Ibiza*************

If you are wanting to work here this summer, The Zone @ The Ibiza Travel shop are there to help advise you and help you find that all important jobs

Can you please send:

-CV Attachment
-Cover Letter/E- Mail Saying what type of job you want to do initially
-1st 2nd 3rd choice - IE Dancing, Selling PR bar etc and send a picture of yourself so we know who you are when you come see us in the shop

Please email to or


PS: Our top 10 handy tips for new workers:

Make sure you have your E11 card to hand never leave the UK without it.

Set up Skype and Voipstunt so you can make cheap and free phonecalls home from your laptop or

Visit Viva (Workers Bar) at the top of the WESTEND to meet like-minded new and old workers to help with jobs and accommodation. Join the facebook group

Save up enough money for at least one months rent and bonds - plus spending money (Approx £1500 total).

Write and print out CVs with your picture on them (make quite a few copies) and dont be afraid of giving them to every possible employer.

Make sure you have a check over at the doctors before you come out as it can be expensive over here if something goes wrong whilst abroad!

Look into private travel insurance for the duration of your stay (Back Packers is normally the best to go for)

Get yourself a Spanish phrase book Just a little bit of effort goes a very long way!

Get some Strong Multi-Vitamins - You will need them when you are on the
wrong end of the all day parties that Ibiza is famous for!