How did our Ancestors first learn to chill?
 Who were the first human beings to chillout?
   What kind of music did they use to get mellow?
                                  These are the questions
                                that have puzzled historians
                               and scientists for generations.    

Like the discovery of fire,
                     the invention of the wheel,
                               and the birth of language,
                                      the origins of chilling are a mystery
that have remained stubbornly elusive despite decades of research. But now, thanks to the efforts of a vastly experienced team of archaeologists, geologists and lounge-ologists.
IBIZA can finally unlock the chill-out mysteries of the ancients.

   It has long been believed that people first learned to chill on the fabled Balaeric island of IBIZA and the theory can now be confirmed. The locals are themselves a fairly relaxed breed with a proud tradition of long afternoon naps or siestas, but it was with the arrival of the nomadic tribe called hippies in the 1960,s that full-on chilling first began to surface. Many of the hippies favoured chill-out spots, like the fabled caves of Atlantis and the marketplace at ES CANAR, are still in use today. The exact music these early chillsters would have zoned out to in the sixties and seventies is lost in the mists of time, but it is probable they would have vibed on soul classics like Dion Warwick "Walk on by" as well as more rocky sounds.

    By the 1980's chilling had evolved from a primative Ibizan cult to a full blown religion, as powerful even as the doctrine of lost-itism that dominated the islands night clubs. The legendary Cafe Del Mar acted as a early temple for the church of chill. In a ceremony still played out to this day, cool minded folk would gather at the cafe to watch the sun go down to a sound track of ice frosted classics like Vangelis "Love Theme form Bladerunner" and Penguin Cafe Orchestra "Music for a Found Harmonium".
In one of the most important chapters in human development, the practise of chilling spread far and wide throughout the nineties. Shagged out ravers were doing it with a cool drink at Cafe Mambo to the sublime jazz chords of Nightmare on Wax "Les Nuits". Naked girls were doing it on Salinas beach to the sultry chill-hop swing of Morcheeba "By the Sea". The beautiful people of Ibiza town were doing it in style to the Down-tempo beats of the Grove Armada "At the River".

   Travelling from Ibiza with the hordes of chill-worshipers who made pilgrimages to the island each summer, mellow vibes were soon established in all major population centres. Even in the chilly but dangerously unchilled isle of Britannia the soothing electro-house groves of Royksopp "Eple" and the luscious funk of Amillionsons "Misti Blu" rapturously received by a harassed people desperate to kick back and relax. But the heart of the chill-out empire continued to beat in Ibiza, a kingdom of chilldom where societal values were perfectly summed up by Lenny Ibizarre and his "lazy living".

   In a era where more people are getting more stressed and less chilled than ever before, there is surely a lesson to be learnt in the blissed-out secrets of the last millennium. So go back to school and get deep, deep-frozen with Ibiza- The History Of Chillout.

Captain Caveman, July 2003
Taken from "Ibiza - The History Of Chillout" cover sleeve.