The new charismatic cocktail bar in the heart of San Antonio.

Summer 2009 sees the launch of a new charismatic cocktail bar in the heart of San Antonio. 'PEOPLE' is a modern, friendly and sociable venue, emerging from a successful warm up winter season, bringing a fresh flavor to Ibiza's well known west end.

'PEOPLE' will be hosting a selection of spectacular events, from its own signature nights to pre parties, club pre-sale tickets and unique monthly promotions and resident DJs.

Embracing the Spanish influence, 'PEOPLE' will be one of San Antonio's finest cocktail venues, with its distinctive ambiance.

Their cocktails meet the highest quality, and use the best products on the market.  From the Caribbean cocktails, such as piña colada, the Caipirinha or Margarita popular, innovative and evocative to Sex on the Beach, and many more Radical Fruit flavors always thinking with customer satisfaction in mind.

Vodka: Sex on the beach, Radical fruit, Kiwi fashion, Caipiroska, Viagra, Bloody Mary, Strawberry Beckham.


Rum: Mojito, Daiquiri (strawberry - banana), Piña colada.


Tequila: Margarita (strawberry-lemon), Tequila sunset.


In the house: the pole Liquor, Sexy Vanilla, Caipirinha.

Sangria: Sangria red wine, sangria cava.




With and without alcohol, so as to encompass all types of audiences.