Historically, incense has been used for at least 5000 years - to accompany prayer, to worship the Gods, purify the air, release negative vibrations, induce self-awareness and to uplift the emotional state.

    * In Hindu tradition, incense plays a very important role as the aroma contributes to providing the most favourable atmosphere for meditation and prayer.

    * In ancient Sanskrit texts, there are many descriptions of incense being burned, to "fill the heart with euphoria and uplift the mind to its highest state".

    * Buddhists have always used incense to accompany their meditations, to induce self-aw
areness and free them of negative states.

    * The Ancient Egyptians used incense in many of their temple rituals. Each incense had a specific purpose and effect - for example, Frankincense was regarded as "sustenance for the gods".

    * Incense has also played a large part in the modern development of aromatherapy, based on the fact that certain aromas have beneficial effects on body and mind.

    * Fragrances can be selected to assist with mood enhancement, to help you feel good, to be soothing and uplifting, or to reduce stressful situations. Lavender for example is associated with a calming effect.

    *  FOR MEDITATION: Nag Champa is THE classic fragrance to help you meditate. Try Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa,  or the slightly earthier Goloka Nagchampa.

    *  FOR GENERALLY FEELING GOOD: One of the most "indulgent" aromas for incense is Vanilla. You'd be hard pressed to beat Satya Super Hit's extremely rich fragrance...