The station

Chill is a digital radio station playing non-stop chillout music on DAB digital radio across much of the UK, and online at Chill founder Bern Leckie started by swapping compilations between friends.

It broadcasts 24 hours a day and, as of September 2006, features no news bulletins or commercials, although there is some sponsored programming. Chill originally had no presenters, interspersing tracks with pre-recorded links featuring messages that reinforced the laidback atmosphere of the station. One of these memorably described the station as "Tai Chi for your ears".

In August 2006, the station launched its first regular programmes on weekday evenings, 'The Garden of Delights', presented by Pete Lawrence and 'The Deep End', presented by Paul Noble, two of the organisers of The Big Chill festival. It also introduced a nightly programme made up of listener requests, and inherited the Chiller Cabinet sequence from its sister station Classic FM, which plays "ambient soundscapes, movie soundtracks and classically inspired chillout music".


The station was launched by in early 2005, as a means of filling empty slots on DAB multiplexes owned by GWR prior to its merger with Capital Radio. Group Corporate Development Director Gregory Watson and Programme Director Bern Leckie devised a format for a relaxing, ambient station.

On the station website, the founders claim, "We used to make compilation tapes for ourselves and friends to chill out to. That's where the idea for our station came from, and we make it the same way we made the tapes - listening to lots of music, swapping ideas, seeing what happens."

In June 2006, Chill bid for its first analogue licence.

Late 2006, Chill upgraded from a 32kb/s internet stream to a 128kb/s stream, offering internet listeners the same quality as the cable and satellite viewers.

The station left Sky Digital and Virgin Media on 3rd July 2007.


The Chill playlist is largely drawn from the mainstream end of chill out and ambient music, mixed with downtempo rock, vocal jazz and lounge tracks, film
 scores and the occasional classical piece.

Mission ; We,re here to help you chill.

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