The mystical Es Vedra.

This rocky, pointed rock formation that sits off the southwest coast of Ibiza, by the little beach resort Cala d´Hort, is actually the mysterious and striking island of Es Vedra . A lot of people know Es Vedra as being the big rock on sunset postcards from Ibiza, but few actually visit and fewer know of the mystery and superstition that pad out the island's history.

Standing at approximately 380 metres tall and made of limestone, Es Vedra can be spied from many parts of Ibiza.  

The legend of this limesone colossus is that this is the remains of Atlantis .
There are many myths and legends that surround the island, along with reported sightings of UFO´s and fisherman have been discouraged from the area due to circles of light emerging from the sea. It was, and supposedly remains, the holy island of Tanit, Ibiza's Carthaginian Goddess of Love, the Carmelite monk Don Francisco Palau, who lived alone and barefoot on the island, has reported many spiritual awakenings and encounters in his memoirs, it stepped in as the mystical island Bali Hai in the film South Pacific and it is believed to be the ´Isle of Sirens´ in Odysseus's epic.

Es Vedra is also noted as being a point of one of three unexplainable energy triangles in the world, with the Bermuda Triangle being another, as it is near to impossible to get a direct compass reading in this location, if the device works at all.
Local fishermen have reported their compasses and instruments go mad when near the island.

Only goats, lizards and birds live on the magical isle of Es Vedra.
At the base of the cliff is an old quarry where hippies have apparently experienced visions of Buddha, and decorated the cave with symbols. The cave is inhabited by a witch, according to folklore , and you must leave a personal item at the cave's entrance for luck.

Es Vedra is stunning, and the closer you get, the more intricate formations you can make out including the smaller island of Vedranell. Getting close to Es Vedra is a bit of a mission but once there you'll thank yourself for rustling up the motivation. After leaving your car at the beach of Cala d´Hort you will need to walk uphill, watching your step as you go, until you reach the old defensive fort.   From here you'll get some amazing photos of Es Vedra as the fort overlooks the island. If you don't fancy the walk you will get some great pictures from the beach, and it's incredible to sit here on the night of a full moon - it really is a very spiritual feeling.

And the sunsets, well, like anywhere on Ibiza they are always mesmerising, however with Es Vedra in the frame, the photo is just a little more magical.